OSU! Here at Bushi Karate Club we pride ourselves on teaching traditional martial arts to all of our students in a focused but friendly environment. We feel the art of Karate is more important than the spectacle, the student’s hard work and focus show more about their character than an individual’s rank, and a student’s progress is not measured by how much they’ve paid out, but by how hard they've worked on consistently improving yourself.

We serve the South Worcester County area. Our club offers classes for children ages 6 and up and adult karate classes for ages 6 and up. No experience needed to try it out, we know you will love it. First classes are free!



Kids Classes

Kids classes at Bushi Karate Club vary in size and are separated by age and rank. The students will learn traditional Shotokan Karate including; forms, fighting, self-defense, weapons and the focus required to prepare them for school and life’s challenges with determination! Students are offered three nights a week to train which includes one open class each week where they are all given the opportunity to train together and learn the necessary social skills to grow their friendships with all of the other students at the Dojo.

Adults Training

 Adult classes meet three times per week and our focus remains the same; teach our students the art of Shotokan Karate and provide them with an environment that fosters a positive attitude towards life, self improvement, friendship, and family. Adult classes are a mix of many ranks and ages.


Class Schedule as of September 2019

About Us

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Our Dojo

 Our Dojo is a comfortable 1000 square foot main training floor with thick, interlocking, wall to wall floor mats, mirrors lining the entire front of the room and out of the way storage for pads and equipment all while leaving plenty of room to train. Our second training floor covers 220 square feet with wall to wall mats and mirrors lining two walls plus a camera connected to a high definition television in the waiting room for parents to watch. 

Our Methods



Sensei Christopher Amato



Sensei Chris holds his third-degree black belt from the AIKA federation. He began his martial arts career at UMass Amherst in 1996 achieving the rank of 1kyu with ISKF Godan Sensei Sara Grimes. Chris was granted black belt under Shihan Wayne Mello in 2001. Sensei Chris has always had a penchant for seeking out instruction from as many Sensei as possible over the years and brings a wealth of knowledge in how to perform and apply Karate technique to forms (kata) and fighting (kumite). 

Professionally, Sensei Chris graduated from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst with his BS in both Physiology and Chemistry. He then proceeded to attend Framingham State University and received his MBA. Currently employed at Alexion Pharmaceuticals as a Director of Program Management bringing medicine to people with Rare Diseases. 

Sempai Leah Amato



Sempai Leah began her Martial Arts career in 2003 at the Boston Karate Club achieving the rank of 3kyu under ISKF Godan Sensei Ali Mohajerani and officially joined the AIKA family as instructor to the Universal Karate class (tykes; 4-6 years old) in 2014 with their two children, Dominic and Gabrielle. Leah achieved the rank of Shodan with AIKA in 2018 under DJ Oleski and has already represented AIKA well with third place finishes in kata and sparring at the Ozawa Cup in 2018. 

She is a graduate of both University of Massachusetts, Boston and Northeastern University. She has earned her BS in Biology and MS in Biotechnology respectively. During the day she is a Senior Quality Control Manager at Sunovion Pharmaceuticals and in October the Mistress of Darkness for Nightmare Marlborough, a non-profit Haunted House we run for the Marlborough food pantry. 

Sempai Joey Dainis



Sempai Jamie Nelson


 Sempai Jamie began training in 2001 at ten years of age, under Shihan Wayne Mello. She was very active in the tournament circuit, including placing in the Ozawa Cup in Las Vegas in 2005. In 2010, she was awarded her Nidan (2nd degree) BlackBelt from the A.I.K.A. federation. Semapi Jamie joined the Army National Guard in 2013 and fulfilling her service in July of 2019. She is currently a Survey Technician. 

"For me, teaching and training means everything. No matter the obstacles or commitments, I always came to karate. I always knew I had a place here. I love being part of this amazing karate family, that continues to grow with each new student. Karate has always been my outlet, my way to bring me into the moment. When I step out onto the floor, everything disappears, and my only focus is what is happening now. That is what I try to teach, when you are in the dojo, never give up and always try your hardest. "

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